Long Term Care Insurance provides benefit is you lose the ability to care for yourself, and require the services of a long term care facility or at home care. This type of insurance provides financial security to you and your loved ones. They will be able to maintain their lifestyle, while still providing you with the care you require.

Government programs are designed to cover the basics for long-term care, but they are not all-inclusive. Long-term care insurance helps to cover the care that government plans do not provide.

Long-Term Care Insurance can be expensive but there are flexible plan choices that can be tailored to your needs and budget. This type of insurance should be considered if you have significant assets and income that you wish to protect, your current health and family history indicates possible future concerns, you personally want to cover the cost of long term care, or you want to stay independent of the support of others. Additional considerations include the long term care services and facilities you might use and how much they will cost.

Determining whether this type of insurance is right for you can be a complex decision. We are here to help you determine your needs and abilities, and ultimately whether long term care insurance would be a valuable investment.


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